Halloween Blue Moon: Self-care Action Plans & a Fragrant Fall Home

Halloween Blue Moon: Self-care Action Plans & a Fragrant Fall Home
Hi dear ones! I'm back in your inbox with another edition of the Moon Mail Club. October starts and ends with a full moon! The second full moon in a month is called a Blue Moon and this one falls right on Halloween, just days before the general election... while Mercury is in retrograde. I know, it's a lot! Each of these events on their own have a way of amplifying energy and emotions so combined we can expect heightened tension. I feel compelled to ask you to take good care of yourself over the coming days. Feed yourself delicious, nourishing and grounding foods. Indulge in the activities that bring you the most joy. Reach out to loved ones for support and most importantly, come up with a self-care action plan for Election Day and the days after. We will not know the winner on November 3rd and the uncertainty can trigger stress and anxiety. Come up with a plan for how you will manage this. Remember, you are not alone. We are in this together!

Full Moon Reflection

Last month we reflected on our year and set goals to finish 2020 strong. Now, it's all about taking ACTION! The Blue Hunter's Moon encourages us to go out and get what we want. As with all moon names, the Hunters Moon was named by Native Americans who went out this time of year to hunt and stock up for winter. Let's tap into the hunter's energy, the fearlessness, focus and resourcefulness in the unyielding pursuit of our goals.

Below are two affirmations from my Wholeness Deck to carry us through the next full moon.


Self-care Action Plan

It took me several days to mentally and emotionally recover from the 2016 election. I know for many socio- political stress is at a all-time high. I urge you to have a self-care action plan for election night and the days after. Part of that might be googling flights to Canada but you'll also need something more tangible! I'm dropping a few ideas below.

Easy self-care ideas for coping with political anxiety

  • Spend time in nature this weekend. Breathe fresh air and move your body.
  • Make your favorite meal on Tuesday night! For me it's all grounding foods like rice, beans, sweet plantains and avocado.
  • Step away from your phone and the news, choose a movie you'll watch in advance. Revisit a favorite, Practical Magic and Pride and Prejudice for me!
  • Talk to friends that share your beliefs. You're unlikely to change anyone's moral/ political views on election night. 
  • Donate money to political activists, educators, bail bond funds, nonprofits that protect human rights
  • Stay hydrated and stay away from too much alcohol.

A Cozy Fall Home: Homemade Simmering Spices

On the last full moon I really put you to work with that fire cider recipe, there was so much chopping! As we close out the month, we're taking it back to basics. Growing up in a Colombian household, nothing made me feel more safe and cozy than the smell of simmering cinnamon sticks. It reminds me of waking up on Christmas morning and walking into the kitchen where my mamí was making her big pot of natilla. The smell feels like a big warm hug. Since I can't physically hug you right now, I thought I'd share this easy simmering spices recipe instead.

Prepare for your home to feel like fall, warm and safe.

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