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50% off Kids Affirmations in Spanish

My Mission

To create tools that feed your soul, reconnect you with your inner power, and nudge you to check-in with your heart.

Customer Reviews!

This are stunningly and simply beautiful. My package was lovingly wrapped and shipped and they were in SPANISH! Just beautiful and sent with care! Thank you so much! your work is gorgeous and life affirming...


This set is beautiful and practical. If you’re hoping to bring some mental clarity or mindfulness to your life, this is an excellent step in the right direction. I think a lot of us (especially women and queer folks) have negative self talk and I find that especially when I’m depressed, it’s damn hard to counter that negativity. These cards are such a helpful and beautiful reminder of what I want my self talk to become. If I feel stuck in a shame spiral, I can find the card that speaks to my feelings in that moment and it gives me the words to pull myself out of that mindset and into the growth mindset I’m trying to nurture. Thank you for this new addition to my mental health support system.


I can't even explain how perfect this order was :) I received the most gorgeous card, an envelope with dried flowers in it, palo santo, a stunning deck (that resonated the second I saw it, I kept oohing and aaahing), and a perfect wood holder :) I am so deeply grateful, thank you thank you!


I am obsessed with these products. They just make my soul entirely happy. You can tell these products are made with authentic love. So grateful for this shop. :)