November Beaver Moon: Shed, dive deep and prepare

November Beaver Moon: Shed, dive deep and prepare

Gemini Full "Beaver" Moon Lunar Eclipse

Say that 3x fast! Actually, no more challenges because you have done enough. You made it through November and what a month it has been! We kicked it off with Mercury in retrograde, an ELECTION, the week of uncertainty that followed it and spiking Covid cases. Then just as the rituals that have helped heal our country after fierce presidential elections have been tossed out, many of us had to cancel our own Thanksgiving traditions and rituals to stay safe.

It's hard to stay grounded when the playbook is constantly changing and yet we are still here. From my little community, all I see is resilience and people choosing love and community everyday. So, today on this Full Moon lets give ourselves space to shed anything that feels heavy and burdensome. To release what no longer serves us, those old stories, grudges or beliefs that no longer align with who you are now... who you are becoming.


Full Moon Ritual: Movement and Writing

If you're feeling a bit lethargic, drained, moody or sensitive today,  blame it on this morning's lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses can affect us physically & emotionally but they're also opportunities to channel that stirred up energy to dive deep within ourselves, do some healing and reveal our truths. Take 20 minutes to complete the following activities that help us release and let go. Start with the writing exercise and then movement. 


Writing: Two exercises for shedding 

1. Free Writing
Grab a sheet of paper, pen and a timer. Get comfortable, shut off all distractions, put 10 minutes on the timer, and write. Unlike my other writing prompts, there is no prompt! Just get everything that's on your mind onto the paper. Unload, don't worry about spelling, grammar, or whether it's legible.
After the 10 minutes are up, take a moment to assess in a judgment-free way, "Was I writing mostly about negative emotions or positive emotions?" If it's the former, take a deep breathe as you ball up that paper and toss it out! Visualize those stressors exiting your body onto that paper. If it was positive emotions you were capturing, take a moment to express gratitude. Fold up your paper and save it for a difficult day.

2. The Apology
2020 has exposed all of us! In some cases it's led to conflict and emotional injuries that have not healed. A lunar eclipse can be a portal for transformation but if we're carrying feelings of hurt or betrayal it's difficult to open ourselves up. And we can't always rely on those who injure us to apologize and offer up the resolution needed to start healing. So, it's up to us. A few weeks ago I was involved in a business incident that caused me so much sadness and frustration but never I received an apology, only more injuries were made. I'm so ready to move on and yet, I still wish I had received a proper, "I'm sorry." So, I am writing an apology to myself on behalf of the offender. If you have been hurt by someone that never acknowledged or apologized for their actions, write your own letter tonight. Politics have driven a huge wedge between family members in the last few years, so if they won't go high, do it for them. Write everything you need to hear to release your anger.

*This exercise is not meant to go back to the offender and pretend they didn't do anything wrong. No, it's meant for your own peace of mind and it's up to you the nature of the relationship (if any) you will keep with them.


Movement: Releasing stagnant energy 

  • Line up your two favorite songs.
  • Gently bounce up and down on your heels with your knees slightly bent
  • Feel the vibration of the bouncing traveling through your body
  • Add a few neck rolls. Nod YES and then side to side NO
  • Once you've warmed up, it's time to shake it out working your way up from your toes to the top of your head focusing on one body part at a time. Thought you couldn't shake your shin, think again! Shimmy those thighs, belly, elbows, fingers and head. 
  • As the music begins to wind down, physically dust off your body with your hands in big motions while loudly exclaiming, "Haaaa"
  • Repeat, "I feel all worries, tension and burdens leaving my body. I am light and open"
  • Place your hands over your heart and take 3 deep breaths.


Dried Oranges

There is nothing like the smell of oranges drying over a fireplace. They make the air so sweet and light. Turns out you get the same effect when you dry oranges in your oven. Before I get to how you may be wondering WHY? Why do I want to dry oranges? I'm using them to pack my holiday orders but you could:

  • Use them in a brine (maybe for a Christmas dish...) 
  • Chop up into a dessert 
  • Make hot or iced tea
  • String up and make a garland for your Christmas Tree 
  • Add a sweet touch to holiday gift wrapping


With love,



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