October Harvest Moon: Fire Cider, Journaling & Limpias

Fire Cider Recipe

Welcome to the first edition of The Moon Mail Club! I’m so happy you're here! Tonight we bask in the magic of the Harvest Moon, aka the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. She'll rise soon after sunset and shine bright, so bright that historically she helped Algonquin tribes and early farmers to work late into the night gathering crops. While most of us aren't rushing to harvest our food for winter there is something about the energy this time of year that inspires us to take stock of our wins and set new intentions. Let me tell you, this exercise has never been more important. 2020 has been exhausting and in many ways it has felt like a lost year but believe me, growth, wins and connection are still possible! The year isn’t over! Despite all it has put us through, 2020 has given us the clarity to focus on what truly matters. Now, let’s get to work and finish this year STRONG!

Full Moon Ritual

Although it hasn't been measured, there must be some vitamin we get from moonlight! So once the sun sets, put on a cozy sweater and step outside. Take a walk or meditate under the light of the full moon. If you’re out there you’ll be rewarded by a spectacular view of Mars (both celestial bodies will travel across the sky together). The next time Mars will be this bright in our sky is September 2035! 

Journaling Exercise

Limpia - Cleansing

Why should I cleanse?
Ceremonial cleansing practices release stagnant negative energy from your home, your belongings and YOU! As we get ready to set intentions, it’s helpful to release anything that might block our efforts.

How do I cleanse?
It’s become so popular that when we think of cleansing practices our minds jump to burning Sage or Palo Santo. However, smudging is a sacred cultural practice that is rooted in indigenous culture in North and South America. I truly believe there is a special power that comes from performing a ceremony that YOUR ancestors performed hundreds of years ago. Use this as an opportunity to explore your own culture’s traditions, talk to family and friends. Whichever cleansing practice you choose is up to you, what matters is that you are mindful and present throughout the process.

Cleansing practices from around the world:

  • Wash your floors with ocean water (Russia)
  • Scatter salt by windows and doors (Scotland)
  • Ring a bell inside your home (Feng Shui)
  • Sweep your home starting from the inside most western corner of your home towards the door making sure to always sweep outwards (Colombia)
  • Put 3 lemons in a glass bottle with water (India)
  • Light candles (multiple countries)
  • Set up a bath with salt, your favorite oils and herbs (lavender, rosemary, mugwort) and crystals (universal)

Fire Cider: Inspired by Rosemary Gladstar 

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite plant medicines. This tonic has it ALL! It strengthens your immune system, aids digestion, boosts metabolism, is anti-inflammatory, clears up sinuses … I could go on but once you read through the ingredients you’ll understand why it’s so good for you. A shot of this packs a punch, it's hot, sweet, spicy, sour all at once. October is the perfect time to prepare this because ingredients need a month to infuse and it’s great to have on hand once the weather turns.

As I prepared my fire cider this year I got emotional. In the past, I’ve invited friends over for a fire cider gathering. Each was tasked with bringing one ingredient along with their chopping board & knife. It was magical and filled a void I didn’t know I had. Women coming together to make medicine is an ancient practice that taps into to our collective unconscious. I can't wait until we can gather again safely. Now, for the recipe!

Until the next Full Moon!

With love,


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