A new chapter in Latina wellness

A new chapter in Latina wellness

If you’ve been with us for a while, things probably look different around here. We have definitely grown from our start as a small Etsy shop that made mindfulness products carved out of wood! Today we officially say goodbye to The Salvaged Sawhorse and welcome you to Almadé! Alma in Spanish means soul and it’s also used to refer to your spirit or heart. Alma + de translates to “soul of.” That’s what our business has always been about, getting to the heart of matters→ the real and raw life stuff because that’s where you have to dig to when you truly want to heal. To heal your inner child, to heal trauma and step into your power.  

Over the last few years we’ve been dedicated to creating tools for your healing journey and as a first-gen Colombian-American daughter of immigrants, I created those tools from a very specific POV. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops that everything we created proudly centered BIPOC healing! So, we hired some of the best talent (90% Latino!) to bring our vision to reality. 

Here are some of the factors that led to our decision to rebrand:

  • Lack of Representation in the Wellness Industry
  • We noticed that there was a significant lack of BIPOC, specifically Latina representation in the wellness industry. Many wellness products and services were not created with our unique needs and cultural heritage in mind. We felt that we had a responsibility to fill this gap and to do so proudly! We wanted branding that reflected that Almadé was Wellness Con Cultura. 

  • A Need for a More Inclusive Wellness Space
  • Wellness conversations and spaces can be overwhelmingly white and exclusive. Our community needed a space where they could feel seen, heard, and supported! We hope Almadé will become a community where you feel safe to take up space, come as you are with no need to code-switch and say what’s on your mind whether it’s in English, Spanish or Spanglish!

  • A Desire to Provide More Targeted Support
  • While our previous offerings were designed to support everyone’s healing journey, we really wanted to lean into our culture. There is so much magic in our lineage and a whole plethora of remedios ready to be re-introduced into our lives. Wellness for our community is more than yoga and lemon water, it’s reconnecting to our ancestors’ medicine, it’s community care and healing generational trauma. We need tools that support those processes. 

    Over the coming months we will be launching our new core products, some are “deeper” versions of the tools you know and love. Others will be fun surprises that will reconnect you to your roots and help you explore new remedios para el alma!

    Thank you for your support and amor! We can't wait to see where this new chapter takes us.


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