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The Salvaged Sawhorse

The Timeout Gift Box


The Time Out Box: For all your mindfulness and self-care needs
You deserve a time out. Space to breath and room for your own thoughts and feelings. We all are deserving of this, now more than ever. I put together this box with all my favorite tools that help me nourish my mind and soul. On a day where you feel overwhelmed or can't stop reaching for your phone, shuffle the Feed the Soul deck and complete an activity. When you're stressed and worried, light a lavender candle and fill out a page on the Happiness Rx notepad. We will get through this by taking care of ourselves and one another.

Box includes:
Feed the Soul Deck: In this deck you'll find a collection of prompts, rituals and activities designed to help you connect with YOU. To nudge to step away from routine and feed your soul. It's so easy to live our life on automatic and neglect our needs. This deck helps you practice self-care by introducing easy activities you can complete weekly. The activities have been proven to boost happiness and increase well-being based on research studies and you'll find them recommended by experts. The deck includes 31 cards and an information card.

Happiness RX Notepad: We all have bad days but they don’t have to end that way! In this notepad you'll find a series of mindfulness exercises to help cure a bad mood. Keep this in a drawer in your desk and fill it out before logging off of work when you've had a challenging day. Once complete, rip out the page and throw it in the bin. As you do, it helps to visualize toss out that bad day with it. This moment of mindfulness will quickly shift your perspective and help you focus on all the GOOD around.

Lavender soy wax candle by Paiges Candle Co: Calming and serene, this Lavender candle is the perfect remedy for a stressful day. Its earthy undertones paired with its top floral aromas creates the best lavender scent around. This fragrant candle is also infused with lavender, lemon, orange, and cedarwood essential oils. Made with American-grown Natural Soy Wax and Cotton Wick. 4oz

Wood base to display your cards

Palo Santo for purification of self and space

- 1 Illustrated Coloring Sheet

- 2 Stickers

The Timeout Gift Box