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The Salvaged Sawhorse

The Timeout Gift Box


The Time Out Box: For all your mindfulness and self-care needs

Box includes:

- Feed the Soul Deck: A deck of cards with 31 prompts, activities and rituals to help you feed your soul
- Happiness RX Notepad: The perfect exercise to cure a bad mood
- Lavender soy wax candle by Paiges Candle Co.
- Wood base to display your cards
- Palo Santo for purification of self and space
- 1 Illustrated Coloring Sheet
- 2 Stickers

You deserve a time out. Space to breath and room for your own thoughts and feelings. We all are deserving of this, now more than ever. I put together this box with all my favorite tools that help me nourish my mind and soul. On a day where you feel overwhelmed or can't stop reaching for your phone, shuffle the Feed the Soul deck and complete an activity. When you're stressed and worried, light a lavender candle and fill out a page on the Happiness Rx notepad. We will get through this, by taking care of ourselves and one another.

The Timeout Gift Box