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The Salvaged Sawhorse

Moon Mother Pillow Cover


Order includes: Pillowcase cover only***

Dimensions: 18" x 18" 

Fabric is a soft velveteen. So soft that everyone's reaction is to stroke the pillow when they realize how buttery the fabric is.

Mother Earth
This pillow was inspired by the power that resides in all women and our deep connection to nature and all her elements. When I illustrated her I visualized my great grandmother. A woman shaped by the mountains of Colombia, a skin tone that matched rich clay, a long braid down her back, adorned by beautiful shawls. 

Care instructions:
Machine wash cold water and dry flat.
Avoid dryer incase of shrinkage.
Can be dry cleaned as well.
Do not bleach.

(Tip: to get a nice filled-out shape, purchase a 20" x2 20" filler pillow)

Moon Mother Pillow Cover