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The Salvaged Sawhorse

Grounding Practices Digital Download



Grounding: Strategies to help you reconnect with the present moment when you're feeling anxious, stress or overwhelm. I illustrated different ways to self-regulate when you feel your body going into a fight- flight- freeze response. 
These illustrations make the perfect addition to a classroom, office, or a little mindfulness corner in your home.

Your order will include four (4) digital .JPG files that you can instantly access after you checkout.

1. File "How to Ground. 20 x30" with an aspect ratio of 2:3. You can use this file to print in the following sizes
4"x 6", 6"x 9", 8"x 12", 10"x 15", 12"x18" 16”x24”,20”x30”

2. File "How to Ground. 18x 24" with an aspect ratio of 3:4. You can use this file to print in the following sizes
6"x 8", 9"x 12", 12"x 16”, 15”x 20”, 18”x 24”

3. File "How to Ground. 16x20" with an aspect ratio of 4:5.You can use this file to print in the following sizes
4”x 5”, 8”x 10", 12”x 15”, 16"x 20"

4. File "How to Ground. 11x 14" for your 11x14" art prints.

These are large, Hi-Res 300 DPI illustrations that can be sized down without losing quality.

Where you can print your illustration:
1. Staples
2. Vistaprint
3. Shutterfly
4. Artifact Uprising
5. Visit your neighborhood print shop
6. At home

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors.
Final quality will depend on the printer, paper and ink that's used.

© All designs are copyrighted by The Salvaged Sawhorse.
Copy, redistribute or resell is not permitted without written permission from The Salvaged Sawhorse.
This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Grounding Practices Digital Download