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Hi, I'm Jenn!

I am a migraine warrior. In my 20s, my episodic migraines became chronic which means that more than 15 days a month I had a migraine. At the time I was working a 9-6 job and it felt impossible to juggle a “normal” working schedule with my disease. I fell into the trap that I was unworthy and broken because I couldn’t perform like everyone else. I felt defined by my pain and could only think of myself as a "sick person.”

One day after waking up with a migraine for the 3rd day in a row I wrote, “I choose patience” on a sticky note. That began a journey of inner work where I finally began to accept that my worth was not defined by my health or productivity and that there was beauty in those places that had felt broken. In fact, my empathy and strength grew from those places.

From there, I began creating tools that could help me practice self-care and self-love in a way that was easy. Out poured affirmation decks, ideas to feed my soul, notepads and planners. I hope they serve you as much as I have enjoyed created them. I hope they inspire you to embrace your power so you can fully show up in all areas of your life and to take care and love yourself because you are so worthy of all the good things!

The Team

The Salvaged Sawhorse is usually a one-woman show but I'm fortunate to have the support of three very special people when I need it: my husband Jake, his father Roman and my mother Luz. Whether it's dropping packages at the post office, helping me with a market display or sanding wood rounds, they're always there.

Jake and I were both born and raised in Queens, NY. We come from incredibly hard- working immigrant parents. Jake's family is from Poland, mine is from Colombia. The name "The Salvaged Sawhorse" came from a moment of synchronicity. We moved in together right after graduating college with big dreams of what our new space would look like but limited funds. We decided to DIY the dining table, coffee table and a breakfast bar... we had everything expect the sawhorses to start building. A few days later we found 2 old sawhorses on the street! It was a sign and the name stuck.

Every chance we get, we run off to the woods looking for edible  mushroom, waterfalls and pretty wildflowers.