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The Salvaged Sawhorse

Remote Learning Box

The Sanity Box: For parents taking on remote learning

Box includes:

- Self-care Planner: The planner that helps you prioritize your wellbeing so you can best show up for the people around you.
- Happiness RX Notepad: The perfect exercise to cure a bad mood and help with those extra tough days
- Kids Affirmation deck: A deck of cards with 20 affirmations and accompanying dialogue starters. When everything is in flux, it’s so helpful to establish a routine. Use this deck to jumpstart a day of learning with mindfulness and positive self-talk. * Choose between English or Spanish kids deck at checkout*
- Wood base to display the daily affirmation caes
- 1 adult affirmation card for encouragement
- 1 Sticker

Being a parent during this pandemic is not for the faint of heart, especially those that are parents to school- aged kids. Remote learning can be so challenging on everyone and for working parents, the pressures from work and other responsibilities haven’t lessened. I wanted to create an offering for those incredible parents that are doing it, most without the support system of family or friends. Use the planner to practice self-care and daily check-ins with yourself or use the affirmation deck to have new conversations with your child and make the most of this new normal.

Remote Learning Box