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The Salvaged Sawhorse

For the Virtual Socialite


She’s always sending you the funniest Tik Toks weeks ahead of anyone else. Sometimes, her connectedness to the world around her causes her to disconnect from herself.

Here’s the chance she needs to find herself in the mindful moment and breathe into it. No screens, just some much-needed “me time!”

Bundle includes:

- Feed the Soul Deck
- Herbie Soap
- Cosmic Whale Dishwasher Safe Sticker
- Sustainable Gift Wrapping


Detailed Product Description:
Feed the Soul Deck: In this deck you'll find a collection of 31 prompts, rituals and activities designed to help you connect with YOU. To nudge to step away from routine and feed your soul. It's so easy to live our life on automatic and neglect our needs. This deck helps you practice self-care by introducing easy activities you can complete weekly.

Some of the activities included: free writing, sitting by a fire, meditation, tidying up, reaching out to friends, activism, etc. The activities have been proven to boost happiness and increase well-being based on research studies and you'll find them recommended by experts. Many of these prompts were cited throughout the popular Yale course, "The Science of Wellbeing."

Herbie Soap: A beautiful soap with lavender, mint, neroli, sandalwood, oak moss and tarragon. 

Cosmic Whale Dishwasher Safe Sticker: The Whale shows up in ancient folklore in many cultures. Below are common threads of what this beautiful animal symbolizes:

- Wisdom and awareness of the spiritual realm- a knowledge of both life and death. A reminder to trust your intuition and follow your inner voice.
- Compassion and solitude: Take time out for yourself and indulge your creative desires. Disconnect
- In some cultures, whales are considered the Earth's record-keeper
- Whales swim deep into unknown waters under immense pressure but they come up for air, loudly exhaling through their blowhole: You can endure intense emotional and physical pressure with grace but use the whale as a reminder to let go, take a breath and express yourself freely.
- Among Native Americans, Whales are considered the guardian of oceans and sea travel.

All the stickers in the Animal Guide series are dishwasher safe for tumblers, safe for outdoor use and scratch resistant.

For the Virtual Socialite