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The Salvaged Sawhorse

For the One That’s Always Busy


She’s the one you trust to take care of things but she gets overwhelmed. Who can blame her? With all she has going on it’s hard to juggle downtime and not get swept up in all the to-dos. This gift will ensure all that work she’s taking on aligns with her values and is helping her get ahead.

Give her the gift of an organized mind and clear intentions to start the new year with a fresh slate!

Bundle includes: 

- Self-care Weekly Planner
- Intention Set with 25 cards, linen bag and wood base
- Sustainable Gift Wrapping


Detailed Product Description
Intention Set: The intention set was created with the purpose of helping you focus on what matters to you. From the moment we wake up we face choices and through each decision we carve out a life for ourselves. Use this deck to bring more intention into your daily decision-making. Do you want to bring creativity into your life? Practice mindfulness or stillness? Choose that intention and allow that to shape the choices you make throughout your day.

The process of intention-setting is an opportunity to have a daily check-in. If we don't do this then how do we know what we need and how to best take care of ourselves? Intentions help us live a life aligned with our values, they anchor us.
Card measurements: 3.5" x 3.5"

Self-care Weekly Planner: This self-care planner prioritizes wholeness over productivity!

Desktop notepad planner comes in an A4 size with 25 pages for 25 weeks of planning. Organize all your to-do’s, keep track of important habits like exercise, healthy meals, reaching out to loved ones while reminding you to set aside time for self- care, gratitude and reflection. This planner has it all. A perfect gift for the “to- do list maker” in your life that ensures a healthy balance is maintained in the pursuit of productivity.

For the One That’s Always Busy