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The Salvaged Sawhorse

For the Astrological Queen


She’s the one you ask if Mercury is in retrograde or when the next full Moon is. This package lets her connect even more fully with the magic all around – and inside – her.

Give her the gift of being in touch with the magic of the natural world!

 Bundle includes: 

- Pachamama Pillow Cover, 18"x 18" 
- 2022 Moon and Flow Tracker
- Wolf Animal Guide Dishwasher Safe Sticker


Detailed Product Description:
Pachamama Pillow Cover: This pillow cover is made with the softest of velveteen fabric! The artwork is inspired by our connection to the plant and planetary world. This beautiful connection means when we express our goals and desires, we attract the resources we need to fulfill them. Take a chance, stretch out your hand and see what happens!

Care instructions:
Machine wash cold water and dry flat.
Avoid dryer incase of shrinkage.
Can be dry cleaned as well.
Do not bleach.
Tip: to get a nice filled-out shape, purchase a 20" x2 20" filler pillow)

2022 Moon and Flow Tracker: A 5” x 7” art print that allows you to track the full moon, new moon and your own cycle for the year!

Front Side: Artwork
Back: 2022 Calendar with Full Moon and New Moon Phase

Wolf Animal Guide Dishwasher Safe Sticker: The Wolf shows up in ancient folklore in many cultures. In some cultures it's feared, in others revered. Below are common threads of what this powerful animal symbolizes:

- A deep connection with your intuition and instincts, use the wolf as a reminder to listen to your inner wisdom
- Freedom and the desire to lead a life that's driven by your instincts
- Wolves are not easily domesticated, if you feel connected to the Wolf in what ways can you support your authentic self?
- The wolf highlights the importance of cooperation and social connection
- Loyalty and fierce defenders
- They form quick but strong emotional attachments that are guided by their instincts

All the stickers in the Animal Guide series are dishwasher safe for tumblers, safe for outdoor use and scratch resistant.

For the Astrological Queen