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The Salvaged Sawhorse

2023 Moon and Period Tracker


On (1) one 5” x 7” art print track the full moon, new moon and your own cycle for the year!

Front Side: Artwork
Back: 2023 Calendar with Full Moon and New Moon Phase

Track your period with a red pen/ marker by circling or highlighting the dates.
*If you suffer from migraines you can also track them here. You'll be able to notice patterns and how/if the moon phases or your period are triggering attacks.

Although we live in cities, spend most of our time indoors and become aware of the change in seasons because of a weather app we all have a deep connection to the natural world. There are little rituals that can reawaken parts of that relationship with Mother Earth. A walk in the woods, bare feet on grass, touching soil and tracking our flow with the moon cycles.

The average moon cycle lasts around 29 days, around the same length as a woman's cycle.

In addition to grounding that connecting our cycles to the lunar cycles provides, it is important for us to be knowledgeable about our bodies. It gives us insights to ourselves! Why we may feel a certain way, when we feel our strongest and most powerful or when we need to step back and rest. 

White Moon Cycle: Bleeding with the New Moon
- The most common cycle which mirrors the traditional cycle of the moon
- When we bleed during the New Moon we pull our energy in to help us rest, restore and replenish our physical and mental energy. Just as the moon rests, so do we.
- Nurturing energy, known as the Mother phase of life

Red Moon Cycle: Bleeding with the Full Moon
- Known as the "Wise Woman's Cycle"
- When we bleed during the Full we release our energy outward. A full moon is said to supercharge the natural world with its energy and this serves to amplify our own.
- Motivated by creativity, growth, self-actualization, teaching and sitting in community
- Known in ancient times as the healers, medicine women and priestesses

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2023 Moon and Period Tracker