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Nourish your Soul

The Salvaged Sawhorse was a way to get back to myself. In my 20s I developed chronic migraines and it quickly became apparent that a traditional 9-5 job, in a stuffy office with bright fluorescent lighting and a long commute wasn't compatible with my disease. In 2016, I began sharing my art with others. Finally in 2018, I dug deep and began creating the tools you see today. It started with a sticky note on a dresser that read "I choose Patience" and from there a line of tools evolved. 

All the artwork you see on my pillows, stickers, multiple decks and intentions sets, I create by hand with my paintbrushes or my iPad stylus. All the content, those powerful messages that heal me as I write them, are my own. All the wood items are handmade in our NYC home. Many of our wood pieces come from salvaged wood that we cut and sand in our backyard (just ask our neighbors)! Our wood round stands are made with branches we find locally in our Queens neighborhood and on our many trips upstate. It is such a gift to be able to share my work with you. 


Is there something special you'd like to create for you or your team? Send me a message to see how we can work together. 

My Team

The Salvaged Sawhorse is usually a one-woman show but I'm fortunate to have the support of three very special people when it gets busy, my amazing partner Jake, his father Roman and my mother Luz. Whether it's dropping packages at the post office, helping me with a show display or sanding wood rounds, they're always there. 


Jake and I were both born and raised in Queens, NY. We come from incredibly hard- working immigrant parents. Jake's family is from Poland, mine is from Colombia. The name "The Salvaged Sawhorse" came from a moment of synchronicity. We moved in together right after graduating college with big dreams of what our new space would look like but limited funds. We decided to DIY the dining table, coffee table and a breakfast bar... we had everything expect the sawhorses to start our project. A few days later we found 2 old sawhorses on the street! It was a sign, we started our projects and haven't stopped making since. 


Every chance we get, we like to go hammock camping, mushroom picking and hiking. Jake loves fishing and everything outdoor-related. See some of our adventures below.

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